Announcing Partnership with Netvrk Metaverse

Announcing Partnership with Ntwrk Metaverse

Team Monsters Clan is joining hands with the Netvrk Metaverse to bring the Monsters Clan community into the metaverse. 😍🔥

The Netvrk Metaverse has opened up the doors of opportunity for players to have a whole new experience, in a rich and engaging environment. In the Netvrk Metaverse, players may interact, socialize, play, earn, and do many other things. Netvrk’s Metaverse allows for a very wide scope of activities, centered around gaming, business, and education.

Bringing the Play to Earn experience to the metaverse will give users the unique ability to create their own content, and monetize it. NFTs have become a mechanism for asset and Virtual Land ownership in the metaverse, including avatars, accessories, vehicles, buildings, and infrastructure.

Monsters Clan x Netvrk Metaverse

As per our promise, Team Monsters Clan will be bringing lots of innovative and exciting developments for the whole Monsters Clan community. Monsters Clan has joined hands with Netvrk, a metaverse on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to Play to Earn via NFTs and Virtual Land.

This amazing partnership will lead Monsters Clan to integrate with the NFT based Metaverse, exciting Play to Earn gameplay, and lots of other opportunities for the community. The whole play-to-earn, VR, and NFT game monetization is going to allow everyone to benefit and enjoy 😉🤩.

Stay tuned for more upcoming details and new developments are on the way 🔥🎮

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a metaverse, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education, and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

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About Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan is a first ever third person and user controlled NFT game based on Blockchain. An NFT game that allows players to buy, own, train, and play their Monsters in different battles and tournaments to earn and win. Monsters Clan $MONS is a BEP 20 token that can be used to buy, sell, or rent game NFTs through Monsters Clan NFT marketplace.

For more information, visit or Read Whitepaper (Grumpy Paper)

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Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan is a first ever NFT game based on a lifestyle of Monsters allowing players to control their monsters and fight their battles.