Grumpy Engineer — Monster Story #3

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2 min readOct 14, 2021

KNOW YOUR GRUMPY ENGINEER 👷‍♂️ Its time to find out what happened in the past of your own Monster ‘Grumpy Engineer’.

Before planet Monstel came into existence and planet DOR got hit by the chemical rocket, Alex was a qualified and fresh graduate engineer. He was looking for a job because he wanted to become the most successful engineer on the whole planet DOR. Unfortunately, he was getting rejected from every firm and organization he was applying for a job in. He was depressed, frustrated, and nothing was working for him, Alex was the only hope of his family as his father recently got paralyzed which means he wasn’t able to earn for the family.

One day Alex was stopped by the biggest mafia ‘DAROGA’ while he was going home after giving an interview at some firm. DAROGA was looking for talented and sharp-minded people to join his gang for doing the robbery, hacking, and other illegal works. DAROGA asked him to come into his car and offered him a very handsome deal to work for him. The deal was way good for Alex to accept because he was already fed up with the lack of job opportunities and rejection from every company. Alex didn’t ask for time to think and accepted Daroga’s offer. With the passage of time, Alex became a skilled robber and thief. He was also scamming people with his online frauds under the leadership of Daroga. In fact, he became a murderer who was used to rob and kill people for the mafia Daroga.

After the DOR planet turned into planet Monstel, humans turned into monsters, Alex was lucky enough to survive when the human planet DOR got attacked. He is now known by the name ‘Grumpy Engineer’ monster in the planet of Monstel. Although he is now a monster, his passion for killing and robbing others is still there. Now he kills other monsters with his same Mattock and buries them in his own graveyard.

READ STORYBOOK: CHAPTER 1 to know how it all started 📙🔥

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