Mighty Hunter— Monster Story #2

It’s time to know everything about your one & only ‘Mighty Hunter’, the deadliest and powerful monster.🔥

Mighty Hunter was such a muscular, tall-heightened, and handsome monster in the whole community. Many female monsters had a crush on him, not just because of his looks but he was also very kind-hearted. He used to love and support every fellow monster always. One day, he saw Tusa monster and his lover Keeto were brawling near the Red River, a river running hot lava for 24 hours. Keeto was not powerful and strong enough to fight Tusa.

Mighty Hunter went on quickly to stop a fight between Keeto and Tusa but all of a sudden, Tusa pushed Keeto towards that running hot lava and made her fall into the Red River. Keeto was no longer alive because she got burnt in that hot running lava inside the Red River. What could be worst than seeing your lover dying in the hot lava? All of this made Mighty Hunter out of control, he picked Tusa with his long muscular hands and dipped his whole body in that running lava. Doing so also burnt Mighty Hunter’s own hands and legs as well but Tusa was burnt and died into his hands. Since taking revenge for his late lover Keeto, Mighty Hunter is no longer a nice or kind-hearted guy. After killing Tusa by dipping and burning his body in hot lava, Mighty Hunter tied his burnt body on his hand with a chain as a part of his body so he can memorize the moment he took his revenge from Tusa for his beloved Keeto.

Today, Mighty Hunter is one of the most powerful, vicious, and strong Monsters in the whole Monstel Planet. Check out Mighty Hunter on NFT Markteplace and don’t miss the chance to grab this rare and powerful monster. NFT Sales are starting from 11th October 2021 on Monsters Clan Marketplace.

Also, read MONSTERS CLAN STORYBOOK to find out how it all started📙🔥

About Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan is a first-ever third-person and user-controlled NFT game based on Blockchain. An NFT game that allows players to buy, own, train, and play their Monsters in different battles and tournaments to earn and win. Monsters Clan also offering renting NFTs feature to let users generate passive income in $MONS by renting out their NFTs to other players. $MONS is a BEP 20 token that can be used to buy, sell, or rent game NFTs through the Monsters Clan NFT marketplace.

For more information, visit MonstersClan.com or Read Whitepaper (Grumpy Paper)

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Monsters Clan is a first ever NFT game based on a lifestyle of Monsters allowing players to control their monsters and fight their battles.

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Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan

Monsters Clan is a first ever NFT game based on a lifestyle of Monsters allowing players to control their monsters and fight their battles.

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