Monsters Clan: Announcing a Close to Our Private and Strategic Rounds

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3 min readSep 13, 2021


We are pleased to announce that our private and strategic investment rounds are now closed and the Monsters Clan NFT community is proudly marching towards our Initial Game Offerings (IGO) and token launch on September 15th. The total capital raised from these two rounds was $1,350,000 with an additional $450,000 to be raised during our IGO.

From the moment we started our journey, Monsters Clan has received tremendous support from NFT fans, industry influencers, and investors. This has motivated us to deliver on our goal of providing the meta-verse with an NFT game that combines unique and exciting game mechanics with a play-to-earn economy that enables users to acquire, sell, and trade rare NFTs — and lest we forget, the opportunity to earn passive income.

Triple IGO Launch on Seedify, Prostarter, and Red Kite

In order to be 100% certain that every participant in our Monsters Clan community has fair and equal access to our IGO, we will be launching on 3 very reputable IGO platforms which are Seedify, Prostarter, and Red Kite. All three of these platforms are vigilant in their efforts to only support promising NFT and crypto projects, and each applies their own stringent vetting process before connecting projects with their respective communities of motivated investors.

When combining the strong reputation of these platforms with the momentum we have generated thus far, we are confident that Monsters Clan will deliver the all-in-one NFT gaming experience players crave and entice a new wave of users to enter the DeGaming space.

Why We Selected Seedify is a hub for blockchain innovation and functions as an incubator and launchpad for top-tier blockchain projects. Their seed stage fundraising is DAO-driven and helps to empower the next generation of crypto developers who aim to disrupt the status quo with projects that offer real use-cases or provide answers to pain points in the current market. Entrepreneurs or developers that submit a project will undergo a strict vetting process and will be voted on by the Seedify community after it has been approved.

Why We Selected Prostarter

Prostarter is a truly community-centric incubator and launchpad that is inter-operable across blockchain networks such as Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and Ethereum. Their services include decentralized fundraising for projects, token sales, and have placed a special focus on working with innovative NFT projects to bolster the booming NFT and DeGaming marketplace to facilitate its widespread adoption.

Why We Selected Red Kite

Red Kite tackles the issues of limited marketing and lack of confidence from investors that early-stage projects typically face, hindering their chance at a successful launch. Red Kite hand-picks the projects they support and have earned the trust of their community thanks to a vigorous vetting process of a project’s fundamentals, use-cases, and team. Their collection of tier-1 marketing affiliates and network of influencers are also invaluable assets that assure projects receive the hype needed to soar at launch.

Ready to Launch

We would like to thank our community, investors, and these three platforms for their overwhelming support. Not only are we excited for our token launch on September 15th, but also for the growth we expect to occur well after our launch as more and more players enter the Monsters Clan meta-verse.

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