Wickgrinchy — Monster Story #4

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2 min readOct 21, 2021
Wickgrinchy — Monster Story #4

Meet one of the sharp-minded and clever monsters ‘Wickgrinchy’ and get to know a short story of this freaking sharp monster.

Wickgrinchy is always known for his illusionary and selfish personality. Wickgrinchy was a famous cheater on the whole Monstel planet, he always used to cheat in every game and situation. He was more than selfish and even betrayed his loyal friends many times for his own personal interests. For Wickgrinchy, there was no concept of friends or a lover in his life, he always used to make things work for himself only. He has been cheating everyone until he had a card match with the great mobster, who was aware enough of his clever tricks and cheats. Upon playing dirty, the Mobster pricked Wickgrinchy’s eyes out with the spoon dipped in a hot acid for he cheated with the cheater himself.

Who would have Imagined that the acid instead will make his senses sharper? Since that incident, Wickgrinchy got more dangerous, powerful, or fast enough to cheat anyone for his personal interests. Now everyone who stands against Wickgrinchy must be super powerful and smart enough to handle him on Battleground !!!

READ STORYBOOK: CHAPTER 1 to know how it all started 📙🔥

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